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Retirement Supplement Grants

Investing in vibrant leaders of vital communities

God’s mission in the world is served when vibrant leaders are supported in their calls with vital communities of faith.

While very few of us answer God’s call to serve for the financial benefit, those who are called to ministries on the margins (existing congregations or new starts) can be undercompensated. This has implications beyond the immediate financial situation to an underfunded retirement account and increased financial stress. Many of you have said that these barriers stand in the way of your satisfaction and effectiveness in ministry.

To address this concern in part, Resourceful Servants, an initiative of the ELCA churchwide organization and its ministry partners at Portico Benefit Services and the Mission Investment Fund, offers one-time retirement supplement grants for primary ministry leaders (either rostered or non-rostered) called to ministries on the margins (e.g., mission developments, sites in the Homeless and Justice network; sites in the Vulnerable and Vital network; Strategic Ministries).

Although this funding will not resolve the issue of an underfunded retirement account, it will allow you to take advantage of compounding growth on your retirement funds.

A total of $100,000 in available funding—provided through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment—will be distributed equally among program applicants.

Before applying, please review the Retirement Supplement Grants overview booklet.

After you have read through the booklet, you may complete the program application.

The due date to complete the application is February 9, 2024.