How Resourceful Servants Makes a Difference

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) seeks to be “a thriving church spreading the gospel and deepening faith for all people” through a focus on church leadership and congregational vitality.

Supporting these emphases, the ELCA’s Resourceful Servants initiative promotes the financial wellness of ELCA congregations, rostered ministers and seminarians, encouraging habits that strengthen and sustain individual and congregational financial wellness and growth.

We believe the focus on financial wellness will help to reduce some of the life strains on those who lead faith communities now and in the future, guiding these leaders and their communities toward greater health and vitality and enabling them to more effectively carry out the Great Commission—making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Future leaders who enter ministry financially well are well-positioned to lead faith communities in generous, innovative and sustainable ministry. This begins by being equipped with the skills needed to manage personal and household finances during and after seminary. If you are in seminary or if you are in a position to raise up and develop new leaders, click below to learn more about the resources available.

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Rostered Ministers

We all want rostered ministers to be satisfied and effective in their ministry. This helps serve God’s mission in the world. For many rostered ministers, financial stress stands in the way. The financial wellness programs, services and resources available to ELCA rostered ministers intend to increase financial comfort, contributing to greater satisfaction and effectiveness in ministry. Click below to learn more about what is available to you as an ELCA rostered minister.

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Congregations with healthy and transparent financial practices engender trust in their leadership, inspire generosity, direct gifts to where they can make the most difference, and participate in vital ministry inside and outside their walls. Click below to learn about ways to deepen your congregation’s financial knowledge and to improve financial practices as a pathway to stewarding and growing available funding and to increasing the impact of your congregation’s ministry.

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