Rostered Ministers

Financial Wellness Resources provided by ELCA Federal Credit Union

Bank in a socially-responsible way through the ELCA Federal Credit Union.

The ELCA Federal Credit Union was created by the ELCA to provide additional financial services to ELCA members, employees of synods, congregations or any other ELCA-related ministry. With the church as its sponsor, the ELCA Federal Credit Union operates in ways that are consistent with the church’s values, making it a socially responsible way to do your banking.

Opening an account with the ELCA Federal Credit Union

As a rostered minister in the ELCA, you can apply for membership with the ELCA Federal Credit Union. As part of a not-for-profit financial cooperative, you’ll see your savings translate into lower rates for loans and credit cards, reduced fees and enhanced services. Also, your savings may become a loan that allows another member to buy a new car, pay tuition or meet some other household expense. To learn more, visit