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Financial Wellness Resources

Improve your financial wellness through increased financial knowledge and literacy.

Resources to improve financial wellness from ministry partners of the ELCA are available at no cost to you as a rostered minister in the ELCA. Engaging with these resources provides you, as a rostered minister, the information needed to make well-informed financial decisions and the confidence to share your perspective. This competence and confidence can impact not only your personal financial wellness, but also that of the congregations, organizations and communities you serve.

Lutheran Social Service Financial Counseling

Lutheran Social Service (LSS) Financial Counseling offers a full range of financial services that empower you to conquer debt through tangible steps and personal guidance. As a rostered minister in the ELCA, you are eligible to participate in up to six free confidential sessions per calendar year with an expert financial counselor.

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ELCA Federal Credit Union

The ELCA Federal Credit Union was created by the ELCA to provide additional financial services to ELCA members, employees of synods, congregations or any other ELCA-related ministry. With the church as its sponsor, the ELCA Federal Credit Union operates in ways that are consistent with the church’s values, making it a socially responsible way to do your banking.

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Portico Benefit Services

Being financially well involves making decisions based on our values, as reflected in the way we share, save, and spend. Tending to one’s financial wellness in this way requires us to be resilient, generous, and focused on sustainability. Portico Benefit Services provides presentations, tools, and people that can help make financial wellness a reality.

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