Track Progress

Welcome to the Congregational Financial Assessment.

To begin the Congregational Financial Assessment and score your proficiency in each of the 21 healthy financial practices, log in to the “Congregational Portal” under the “Track Progress” menu option. You can see our FAQ page if you have specific questions about creating a new account or returning to an existing one. If you already have registered with a different website, you should be able to use those credentials to connect to this website.

Your congregation will earn points as you assess your use and competency for each behavior, with answers ranging from “We don’t do this practice” (0 points) to “We do this very well, with no need for development/improvement” (5 points). You will need your congregation’s PIN (one-time entry) from the most recent ELCA parochial report to gain access as an administrator to save your assessment ratings.

Assessed practices are not intended to be “one and done”; rather, they must be repeated over and over. The self-assessment tracker retains a score for any given practice for up to 18 months before reverting to zero. The goal is to emphasize periodic reassessment while providing the time to research, implement and improve each financial best practice.

Watch the Dashboard to see the progress your congregation is making.